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Real Pharm BCAA Classic Amino Acids Form | 400g

Real Pharm BCAA Classic Amino Acids Form | 400g

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Why do you need BCAAs?

BCAAs are exogenous amino acids, or more simply, a protein broken down into prime factors, to the smallest form possible. In this way, our body does not need to process into smaller parts, so they are absorbed immediately, and their bioavailability is greater than if we consumed the protein in its original form.


BCAAs are the amino acids L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine, the best amino acids in an amount of up to 10 g per serving. Such a large dose will provide you with excellent protection and faster building of lean muscle mass.


When using BCAAs, you'll also accelerate protein synthesis, and the entire body building process will be more effective.


At the beginning of building your figure, you'll lose unnecessary kilograms - reduce body fat. Over time, along with training, the body will need energy and will take it away from the muscles - it's harder to build it without the support of proteins and amino acids. By providing BCAA, you will ensure comfort of training, without fear of losing your hard-worked muscles.


BCAA Real Pharm will provide you with the fastest, most effective and best build muscle mass. BCAA also has an impact on the effectiveness of training and regeneration, which runs more efficiently.

Suppression of the catabolic process, anabolic support and 10 g of branched chain amino acids per serving are the best BCAAs on the market from Real Pharm.

  • With BCAA Real Pharm you will build lean body mass and accelerate protein synthesis.

  • BCAA Real Pharm is the perfect dose of exogenous amino acids for everyone who trains hard and needs support while building muscle mass.

  • Compared to other products, BCAA Real Pharm does not contain fillers, which makes the product unique with excellent quality.

  • BCAA Real Pharm in the instant form is convenient to use.


(E122, E110, E124, E104 - may have a detrimental effect on children's activity and attention).

Contains sweeteners.


L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, citric acid (acidity regulator), soy lecithin (emulsifier), aroma, sucralose (sweetener), dyes for flavors: grapefruit - E122, orange - E110, cherry - E124 , pineapple - E104, lemon - E104.

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