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Real Pharm Testo Booster | 180 caps

Real Pharm Testo Booster | 180 caps

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Testo Booster is an incredibly effective testosterone booster specially designed for men. It is a combination of eight plant extracts with the addition of DAA, zinc, magnesium, silicon and calcium. This remarkable composition guarantees effectiveness and safety of use for physically active men in any age, particularly those who practice strength sports.

The supplement helps to maintain the appropriate level of testosterone in your body, supporting lean muscle gain, enhancing sexual performance and increasing fitness, which allows for more effective training.

Testo Booster contains tribulus terrestris extract, which is well known in Arabic traditional medicine as a great solution for supporting sexual function in men. Tribulus provides energy, has a renewing effect and enhances libido in men while the saponins found within this plant strengthen the immune system and improve, among others, the level of testosterone in human body.

Ashwagandha extract is another herbal ingredient, which gives strength, supports sexual performance and has mood enhancing properties. When used by physically active people, it enhances body oxygenation and increases stamina. The addition of fenugreek helps in the activation of insulin and supports the synthesis of proteins and glycogen in muscle cells. 

Fenugreek extract has an anabolic effect due to the presence of saponins in its chemical composition.The formula of Testo Booster is further enhanced through the addition of pumpkin seeds, which constitute an exceptionally abundant source of nutrients. This ingredients cleanses the body and stimulates hormone production, helping to keep the prostate in good health Another advantage of pumpkin seeds lies in their supporting role in muscle tissue gain and mood-enhancing effect.

Key Benefits


  • The perfect formula consisting of 8 plant extracts enriched with DAA and the addition of mineral ingredients
  • Help in building lean muscle tissue
  • Improved libido and testosterone levels
  • Enhanced sexual functions and potency
  • Improved fat metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Improved fitness and training results
  • Increased stamina and improved immunity
  • Guarantee of the product’s safety of use and reliability
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